Sunday, 6 July 2008

What???? No Root Beer??

I am most disgruntled, appalled and shocked.

McDonalds, years ago stopped selling Root Beer in the UK (I remember it well) so I have to do without the beautiful refreshing flavour. I had resigned to the fact I'd have to wait a long time before I drank the stuff again. Or so I thought. I spied a tube of Jelly Beans on the very top shelf in the sweet section in Asda the other day and safe in the knowledge that they included Root Beer flavour, I just simply had to have them.

I managed to abstain until around 2:30pm. Once I'd managed to get the tape off the top of the tube and pick the split beans up (was a bit too eager to get to them) I was horrified to realise that there WAS NO ROOT BEER flavoured ones............

How totally horrible and unfair!

And the tube proudly states 'now with 36 flavours'. Well, get shut of cinnamon (oh my word, I though my mouth was on fire!) and put Root Beer back. It even deserves capitalisation on the packaging.

Sorry. Had to have a rant. You do understand, don't you?!!

Despite all that, I did eat the whole tube and almost thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn't eat the packaging, just in case you thought I did. I'm not that mad. Yet.

P.S. The last one I had was cinnamon which is quite vile, and with not having any other beans left to take away the nasty flavour, I had to console myself with a mars bar. Hehehehe.


  1. What a coincidence! My mum bought us back some jellybelly beans from holiday(she thought I'd find the name hilarious!) No root beer in those either. They need to get rid of: cinamon, coffee, liquorice and coconut. However, we do have a traditional sweet shop in our village that sells them individually, so you can have an entire bag of root beer ones! Would you like me to get you some? And if you like rootbeer, you should invest in this toothpaste :

  2. Ooh.. is root beer like the wintergreen flavour? If so... YUCKKK!! Are you mad?? lol ;o)

    I do love jelly-bellies, though. Haven't had any for years, mind.

    Mars Bar consolation? Now that's what I call compensation!! hehe

    So - yes - completely understand.

    Heather xx

  3. She eats all that and she's still stick thin - pah!! I know what you mean about the cinnamon ones but the ones they should get rid of are the liquorice ones - yuck.


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