Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Trains and Kids!

On Sunday we met up with fellow Funky Hand team mate Jozza and her two lovely girlies at the National Railway Museum in York. As you can see, the kids got on very well (Jozza and I do too!) and it was great to wander around chatting whilst the kids played with the trains and generally ran around!
Jacob and Maddie hit it off really well and although it looks like they are holding hands on this picture, they aren't really!

Samuel and Abigail were a bit more reserved ('that' age of knowing girls stink and boys are rubbish!)

They all had a great time playing in the outdoor area whilst we 3 adults froze.

And I made them all line up for a final photo before we went our separate ways so that's why they mostly look glum! And yes, I am a poor mother for letting Samuel wear jeans too short. He just keeps growing!!

Thanks to Jozza and her lovely girlies for a fab afternoon! And thank you for the stash swop - can't wait to use it!
The next meeting is scheduled for end of March at the Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza. And we will be child free!


  1. oh they look as though they were having the best time until it was time to go home....can't wait to meet up in March

  2. Aw i love this place. I have sooo many happy chuldhood memories of happy days spent here with my cousins!
    x x x

  3. awwww looks like a fun day the kids certainly look like they enjoyed themselves :o)


    Amanda xx

  4. Hehehehe how many attempts did it take to get that pic at the top of the slide???

    I had a great time - thanks for coming and roll on March :o)



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