Thursday 1 November 2012

Jellypark in Papercraft Essentials Issue 87!

Every now and again a fab opportunity comes up and this time Claire at Jellypark was asked to design some Christmas stamps - 7 in total - for publication in Papercraft Essentials.  And being part of the Design Team, I got to pick which stamp I wanted to work with (I got in rather quickly with this cos they just get snapped up!) but I could have quite happily made something with all of them!

So here is the article in all its glory!
Fortunately, its a tiny pic of me.  Note to self - get photo updated!

My 'Wishing' card is bottom right - we worked with a colour palette so that the cards complemented each other.

I went with a clean and simple look and although the time says 10 minutes to make, it took me about 2 weeks to think of what to do then actually do it!!!

And whilst I remember, I'm taking part in Kathy's a card a day blogging thing for the whole of November.  And I know that this 'technically' is not a card, its as near as dammit!!  Let's hope that I remember to blog a card (or near as possible) each day throughout November.  Not off to a good start as I thought today was Wednesday and therefore still October.......!!

I'll be blogging the card at some point.  It's already 2 weeks late in being blogged so a bit longer will do it no harm!!


  1. ooooh, I have a Famous Friend!
    It all looks so pretty, Ruth - another magazine for the "I was in this" box, eh?

  2. How cute - ♥ the image and colours used. :)

  3. It's a very pretty little image, how good to get published. Welcome to Kathy's challenge, don't worry I've not done a card every day ;-)
    Sue x

  4. Congrats on the magazine slot - wonderful cards by all the team, including you. Welcome to A card a day - look forward to seeing your cards. x

  5. Congratulations, lovely cards :)

  6. Congratulations Ruth - it must be wonderful to be published - your card is gorgeous. I love the stamps, really sweet designs. Very impressive event for you. Big hug, Nicola x

  7. ps - yet another milestone Ruth - 500 followers! x


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