Thursday, 13 September 2012

Happy Birthday Samuel!

Happy Birthday to my little racing car driver!  Who would have thought 9 years ago that you'd have no fear whilst travelling with your rear a few inches from the tarmac at almost 60 miles an hour!  Perhaps I should have known because you arrived without much warning and at speed!

He has his first ever outdoor race on Sunday (in his own kart too!) so I'm rather hoping its not raining as I don't fancy being wet for 7 hours!  The boys have their own karting blog if you fancy seeing what almost 60 miles per hour looks like a few inches from the tarmac - the link is in my right hand side sidebar!


  1. Wishing Samuel a very Happy Birthday, I hope he gets everything he is wishing for, and the best of luck for Sunday.
    Kevin xx

  2. Hope Samuel has had a lovely birthday.HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY. Good luck for Sunday.Hugs Debbie x

  3. Happy Birthday Samuel poppet. I hope you have had a wonderful day and are looking forward to a spin in your own kart at the weekend.
    huge birthday hugs from Lou and Mo xxxxxxxx

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Samuel x


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