Sunday, 24 April 2011

Canoe Safari

Just a couple of snaps from our Canoe Safari earlier today at Martin Mere! We are members and probably visit once a month and also go to Slimbridge en route to Watermouth Castle each year.
Martin Mere has just opened their Canoe Safari and for a fiver (for an hour) we got in a canoe after a safety briefing and buoyancy aids strapped tightly to us, and had a bit of fun paddling around. The boys had their oars taken off them soon after departure as it made our life a bit harder - I was at the front and Simon in charge of steering (into banks hehehe!)

I'm surprised this photo turned out as well as I dared not to turn around in the canoe for fear of capsizing!

And no ducklings were harmed in our travels, although it looks like we did run some over, we didn't - they moved a lot faster than we could!

So if you ever visit, its worth the fiver!!

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  1. looks like you had a great time Ruth... the boys look super cute and excited to be on their adventure...

    Paula x x x

    p.s. - smart ducklings, they've prob learned the hard way to keep clear of the boats LOL!!!


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