Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Buttons

I can now reveal the buttons I made for my swop partner Jacqui as part of Phatsheeps handmade button swop!

These are the ones I made Jacqui so she can incorporate them into something she makes - all made from fimo with the blue ones having seed beads stuck into them. All lightly stitched onto an off-cut of denim.

And I also made a card with three other buttons (I was on a roll making these!) with some left over backing papers - again Mily Designs.

Jacqui said that she liked blues, the sea, glass and tactile things and I hope I've managed to achieve this!

I am quite pleased with my little self after making these, and I think, time prevailing, that I will be attempting this again as I do like the wobbliness of them and that each one is slightly different. These were actually my second attempt - the first lot were rubbish and looked odd. So you'll only see those if I sneak them onto a card at some point!
Thanks to Phatsheep for organising this - I really enjoyed it!


  1. Your buttons are great Ruth, hope you are having a good weekend! xx

  2. I likee very muchee! Must get my fimo out and try in....

  3. Fabulous buttons! I love them!

    Julie x

  4. Oh they look great!! You need to make lots more


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