Friday, 6 February 2009

Look What I Got In The Post!

Look what arrived for me in the post! All from Helen at PeggyCrafts! She picked my ideas for new things to make on her blog a few weeks ago (still in shock that she thought my ideas were good!) and sent me this as a thank you!
The little lilac felt purse has been snaffled by Jacob who uses it for his pennies rather than rattling them in a tin (its a small tin!) I'm looking forward to making my own Mrs Flower with the little kit and I have a feeling I shall find a use for the lovely fabric flowers too!
And the cotton bag I think will be perfect for any potential purchases I may make at the Great Northern Papercrafts Event at the end of March!
Thank you so much Helen!!


  1. Wow what a nice gesture but don't be so surprised....all your work is fabulous and hey I hope the bag is bigggg..for all your purchases...remember you are shopping with Mrs Crafty Shopper herself.
    Kath xxxx

  2. better take a suitcase too with the bag!!!!what a lovely gesture- I think my postie has fell out with me he has stopped bringing me goodies... well except my new nesties and he was seemingly here today with something that couldn;t fit in the letter box... but I never ordered anything so i don't know what it is.... oh.. maybe it's a huge bill that i forgot about... do I go to post office or not?em.. have to wait to Monday now anyway..but I am curious- have a good weekend

  3. Lucky you!! Now do you need any more bags to fill with goodies??


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