Thursday, 28 August 2008

8 Loo Rolls Later & A Washing Up Liquid Bottle....

It's not always about making cards in my household. Nursery expect the children to make things too. Fortunately, they now give plenty of notice. I've had a month to help Samuel make a rocket for a little competition they were having - who could make the best space rocket in pre-school!

In my defense, it took 2 weeks for the Fairy Liquid washing up bottle to be empty (yep, it just lasted for ALL those dishes) and then I forgot about it. And then remembered on Monday afternoon (deadline Tuesday am), so we got going with the big roll of tin foil, some sellotape and a lot of Scooby Do stickers and gold sticky stars. Thank goodness for Bank Holidays!

The design brief was for the child to make a rocket. I just did the sellotape bit as I didn't trust either child with it (by this point a grumpy and tired but refused to go to sleep) Jacob came downstairs and had to join in. It was Samuel's design and he put all the tin foil on himself.

The boys cut up the crepe paper, added the yellow band around the rocket and then all the stickers. I did the hangy thing (quite badly it turns out as it was rubbish and did not work!) out of silver ribbon.

Looks really good doesn't it? But not as good as the ones that the other children's parents had made. It was obvious that most of the parents had actually made the rockets, either that or there is a scarily high proportion of genius artists / sculptors in that class at nursery. Samuel's Scooby Do Rocket did not win.

Me, bitter? Nah. But Samuel was.


  1. Tell Sam that his rocket is the best I have ever seen!!!
    I too have found these amzingly talented, acurate artistic children at school with my daughter. They usually only show their talent for the easter egg competition though and are dribbling, snotty nosed morons the rest of the time. See. I'm not bitter either!!

  2. Oh, bless! Tell Samuel I think his rocket ROCKS!!! ;o)

    Chris xx

  3. Great rocket Samuel and all your own work.....why can't parents let their kids do their own obsessed with winning I suppose - how sad.


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