Thursday, 31 July 2008

No I Didn't...

...get to see Anice on telly. I tried to watch it online but for some reason all I got was the tan enhancer and crinkle clothes. And I kept clicking on Create and Craft, not Ideal World but it just would not show me the correct channel....

And to make it worse, Anice wasn't even showing in the 'what's on' listing.......

Ah well, will just have to watch it on Saturday 2 August at 3pm, or Monday 4 August at 7am, or Tuesday 5 August at 3pm, or even Wednesday 6 August at 8am.........

So, to console myself (they were originally bought to celebrate) I've eaten 2 of the 3 of these so far....

The afternoon is still young, and I can hear the one left all on its own in my drawer calling me......


  1. Aww, sorry you didn't get to see Anice today. She did a brill job! :o)

    Re. the snowflake stamp, I fibbed.. Have checked that stamp again, and it IS marked.. It's Judikins - Delicate Snowflakes © 2003. (It's a cube of 4 snowflake stamps.)

    Heather xx

  2. Oh go on....give in to temptation and eat need some TLC after missing the show.

  3. I know a rude joke about a walnut whip, you must remind me to tell it when next we meet, or even better get Simon to do it, he laughs all the way through from the first line, makes it all the more amusing!
    I too missed Anice but will try and check her out next time.

  4. I couldn't get it either, bummer. Like the idea of a walnut whip though, haven't had one of those for yonks x


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