Thursday, 3 July 2008

It's not crafty!

This is not a crafty post! I used to do a lot of gardening before I had the boys, and grew nearly everything from either seed or cuttings. But, time is tighter these days, I just don't do as much gardening as I would like. So Simon does most of it - well, grass cutting and pulling the big weeds out and mulching.

Even though the summer this year has not got going properly, my gardens are looking quite good! The clematis which I nearly killed last year (bad combination of greenfly and forgetting to water it as its in a big pot) is thriving and has masses of flowers!

I love red hot pokers and have big clumps of the in the front and back. I grew these from tiny little plants the summer after we moved to the house, so they are 8 years old now. Last year something munched all the flowers and I had nothing to show, but this year is very different! I'm now thinking of attempting to grow some that are not traditional in colour...

Last night (before it chucked it down) the boys played on the trampoline. We bought the trampoline a month ago from Netto as it was a bargain - costing less for the whole thing than B&Q were charging just for the net enclosure!

It's quite huge - 10 foot diameter! And they love it as you can see!! For some reason, they insist on having a football with them!

And because I had the camera out, they wanted a photo of themselves!


  1. I do like red hot pokers not seen any for years though- I am hopeless with gardening i kill everything- I even managed to kill an air plant once!

  2. Ruth, you are a doll!! Thank you for your positive response to my rant on my blog!! It is soooo much easier leaving comments without that blasted word code thing. Thanks again, hunni.

    Meanwhile, lovely photos! The clematis (and the boys!) are lovely!

    I have a question, though.. What do you call a red hot poker that isn't red? hehe ;o)

    Heather xx

  3. I think they are all green ones.... will try and find a photo of one!!

  4. Fab plants and hey that trampoline looks wicked fun - my grandson has one and I love having a go on it.

  5. hehehe Evie has 3 footballs on her trampoline with her. It's a game she's invented where she has to avoid the balls touching her feet. Keeps her amused for ages - bless...


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