Friday, 18 July 2008

I Did Some Ironing!

But only in the name of crafting!! I printed quite a few of the Paper Blossoms backing papers a while ago and thought that I'd be good and start to use up what I already have before printing more..... easier said than done!

Anyway, this backing was printed onto vellum and I'd already cut out the sentiment. And because the boys had been waking up at stupid times this week (4am was the earliest) I thought I'd use my time wisely and get some crafting done. Now at that time I can't really think straight, but after 2 cups of tea I was beginning to wake up a little. The design still needed to be simple so I came up with this.
Eyelets used (from Kath) with the ribbon (recycled from a pack of card blanks - funny how I seem to be drawn to the ones with the ribbon tied round them........) and a few gems added on the sentiment for a bit of bling.
So why did I need to iron? The ribbon was suffering from knot fatigue and it needed ironing out! I very rarely iron - as long as the clothes go in the drier or on the line quickly after the washing machine then they don't really need ironing. However, I have been known to go to work (a number of years ago) wearing a blouse that desperately needed ironing, but I was either too lazy or running late (in the days that I left the house at 6am) so just thought I could keep my jacket on and be ok. But the day was a scorcher and I sweated like a pig but did not dare take my jacket off. Learnt my lesson!!


  1. Lol!! I used to do that all the time... just iron the front of the blouse, and keep my jacket on! Oh, I miss my 'power dressing' days! ;o)

    Funnily enough, I was ironing for my craft yesterday as well... Was using the resist technique on a background paper, and needed to 'lift' the embossed surface, so put it between some plain paper, and used a hot iron to lift the embossing. Like you, it's the only thing I use the iron for these days!!

    Great card, by the way! You're always so original. :o)

    Heather xx

  2. Oh you had me panicking then when I read the title. It's always nice to know there's another non-ironer out there!! Fab card by the way :)

  3. LOL, ironing oh how I hate it, I never seem to catch it in time, and usually end up ironing, blah!!!!

    Your card is sooooo cute!!!!


  4. Fab card and love how you've done the ribbon...I hate ironing and hey I usually have more clothes in my ironing pile than I have in my wardrobe...only iron when I am running out of things to wear


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