Monday, 1 June 2009

Beeston Castle

The weather this weekend has been glorious and we've spent virtually all of it outside! Saturday we went to a Birthday party. Casey, my cousins little girl was 5 and she had a little party at her Grandma and Grandad's to celebrate. She loved the cards - this one was from her Aunty Claire, this one from my Mum and Dad and we sent her this one.

On Sunday we went to Beeston Castle, just outside Chester as there was a Medieval Weekend event and the boys wanted to see some battles! We joined English Heritage a few months ago courtesy of Tesco Clubcard Vouchers!

We did the climb to the inner castle when we first arrived at 11am as it was already really hot and I didn't fancy attempting it when it was even hotter! This is one of the views from the outer castle wall.

And this is the inner castle wall. The walkway was really steep and the drop very deep! I didn't manage to get any photos from the very top as there were quite a few people around getting in the way!

As it was a Medieval Festival, there were loads of swords and kids chain mail outfits to buy. Both boys got a sword and a chain mail vest. Jacob was too hot though but enjoyed trying to chop trees down with the sword!

Lots of activities going on and Samuel wanted to try the longbow archery. He got a smaller version and had a go!

Can you see the arrows?! The man was really patient and very helpful with Samuel and he actually did much better than some of the adults we saw when waiting for our turn!

I took some videos of the big battle which took place later in the afternoon. So if Mr Blogger is playing, I'll try and add them later on!
A great day out, and I think we are going to go again late June as there is another event on too!


  1. great photos, sounds like you had fun

  2. fab photos Ruth and it looks you had a great time....Hugs Kath xxxxx

  3. Looks like a great day out. Boys love a good castle, don't they.

    I have awarded your blog the "honest scrap award" to view the award and keep this fab award going please visit my blog

  4. Looks like you had lots of fun!!


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