Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tell All Tuesday (on a Wednesday!)

Ok, I know it is Wednesday, but forgot to do this yesterday (and last week), so here are two together. And if you are wondering what I am talking about, click here - all will be revealed!

Last weeks question was:

What embarrassing things have your children said and to whom have they said them?

Probably loads, but the ones that I have remembered are toilet related. One or both boys need a wee when in a public place so we find toilets. They have a wee and then its my turn, when one of them will say in a LOUD voice "are you having a poo mummy? No? Why are you sitting down then?" There is only so long you can linger in a cubical without it looking like you were really doing a number 2......

This weeks question is:

When were you last disappointed?
About 2 weeks ago when I bought a Marks & Sparks sandwich and it was all soggy around the edges. Grrrr.
I promise to answer the questions on the correct day from now on!

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