Friday, 14 November 2008

Bad Blogger!

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week or so, but I'm suffering quite badly from a chest infection and its side effects! I have got antibiotics but I think they are making me feel queasy most of the time to the point that I feel like I'm on a boat! I'm ok if I don't think about it, but my appetite is virtually nil although I have stopped being sick through coughing (my ribs and back really hurt!)

I was also in London yesterday due to the day job so that was an early start - both boys bundled in the car in their jim-jams, coats and blankets at 5:40am so I could be taken to the station at Blackburn as the connection back home from Preston to Blackburn meant a wait of over an hour (I could walk it quicker!) and I can't park at Preston due to building work on the train car park.... it really is a sorry tale!

And I'm making the final preparations for a Craft Fair on Saturday in Halifax. And I am still getting a steady flow of orders and commissions too!

I'm also attempting to make samples for Funky Hand as a new download Hearts & Flowers is due to be released very soon plus Anice has a new CD to be released. So I may have been quiet on the blogging front, but I have been creating - just I can't show you yet!

I hope to resolve the good / bad blogger balance next week and I think a revamp of the blog is due too. Oh, and I think I'm approaching 5,000 hits soon, so stay tuned for some blog candy!


  1. Sorry you are so poorly! Remember to take a flask of something warm and an extra cardi with you tomorrow! Get better soon!

  2. Hi, hope you are feeling better and hope the craft fair goes well!! xx

  3. Hugs for you mate! Try and fit some rest in over the weekend eh?


  4. Chin are doing a great job! Take care of yourself first.
    Anice xx


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