Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Pie Experience on World Card Making Day

Yesterday (4 October) was in fact World Card Making Day. So, what did I do? Here is a potted history of my day:

5:50am - Get up with the boys and have numerous cups of tea
5:51am to 8:40am - Complete a card (Cute Card Thursday challenge) and start on 3 other challenges, give boys breakfast, referee tv / dvd watching, make a car slide from a large cardboard box
8:41am - Get the boys dressed (no mean feat when the youngest refuses to wear anything other than jeans without patches)
8:55am - Get myself ready
9:10am - Take Samuel to swimming lesson
10:15am - Go to The Range for essential crafting supplies. Samuel enjoys my kind of shopping as he likes looking at all the stamps
10:50am - Brave Asda for some baking supplies. I decided after a generous donation of cooking apples that I was going to bake a pie. This has been attempted before with success. And with a new oven, it would be a doddle
10:51am to 11:20am - Mutter constantly under my breath at the cages of stock blocking virtually every product I decided to buy in the store. Curse more at the stupid people who decide to 'chat' with their equally stupid friends and block the aisle whilst doing so, oblivious to any other shopper within a 10 mile radius. Go through self service till and have an argument with the automated voice as I did not have anything in bagging area.
11:21am - Decide to get petrol whilst I'm at Asda as its 1p cheaper than the one in Preston that I usually use
11:50am - Arrive home. Make lunch.
12:35pm - Look at recipe again. Swear. No white cooking fat. Try and ring Mum. Remember she is out at a school reunion. Text Jozza in a panic who now knows that I am certainly a loony. She advises to get white cooking fat. Help make a Birthday card for my Mum with Samuel.
2:30pm - Decide to return to Asda for said white cooking fat. Took Jacob along who had refused to have a sleep so probably would be grumpy and unco-operative whilst battling through Somerfield and no doubt Asda again
2:31pm - Husband kindly shouted after me that Blackburn were playing Manchester United at home, kick off being 5:30pm so there may be some traffic....
2:50pm - Got to Somerfield to find they did not have Trex. So off to Asda. Manage to find a parking spot at Asda. Drag child into store and around it to find Trex so I can make the pie.
3:15pm - Find Trex. Queue in shortest queue which is self service. Another pointless argument with automated voice.
3:50pm - Get home and start cutting up apples for the pie. Start making the pastry with a grumpy Jacob who only wants to eat milky ways and biscuits. We argue.
4:15pm - Stop making pastry and wrap it in cling film and put in fridge as per recipe.
4:45pm - Sort the tea out as kids tired and need to go to bed earlier than normal. Plus I can then finish pie off.
Well, I did manage to finish the pie off, but I could not, for the life of me, roll out the pastry to a shape that would fit a large circular pie dish. So I made little ones instead. And here they are:
I had enough pastry left over to make some other pies - I found the dishes in the cupboard and I'd forgotten I had them. I'd had almost half a bottle of wine at this point and sort of lost the plot a little with how much pastry I would need to make a lid on the pie.

And then with remaining pastry, the last one ended up being a lattice pie. And I had a slight accident when removing it from the dish.

So far, no-one has been ill. So they can't really be that bad. And I am proud of my new oven - it cooked it all very nicely and no burnt bits!

So, I do attempt to do wifey things from time to time, but I think it will be a while before I venture near the oven again!

What did you do on World Card Making Day?


  1. Brilliant! That post made me laugh out loud, it's like an out take of my life only with children of a different sex!
    And your pies look luverly!!

  2. Those little pies look delicious and I'm impressed you made pastry :)


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