Sunday, 12 October 2008

I'm Back!

But not got anything new to post! The buyers at the craft fair at Ordsall Hall have been generous and left me with ample stock for my next craft fair on 15 November in Halifax.

I think it was a bad combination of a glorious late summer day and buyers wanting to keep their pennies in their pockets to the extent that I didn't do particularly well.

However, I am not complaining as I met some lovely virtual people Sue and Helen who are now real! And also the girls at the beautiful jewellery stall at the side of me, with whom potential and actual horror stories were swopped!


  1. Aww, sorry your stall didn't do so well, Ruth, but - as you say - you'll have plenty of stock available for November, which getting closer to Christmas, you'd hope there'll be greater demand.

    Chris xx

  2. Sorry it wasn't a massive selling success! Hope the next one is better!
    I want to hear some of those horror stories!]

  3. Never mind win some you lose some....and let's just say they had no taste...better luck at the next one.

  4. Hi Ruth, sorry the craft fair wasn't that good...hope you have a great week.

    Alex xx

  5. Craft fairs are funny things, in my experience, some you win, some you lose, there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason. What is certain is, it wasn't your fabby cards, reflection on the economy more like. Better luck next time xx

  6. glad you had a good day but maybe everyone is feeling the credit crunch!


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