Sunday, 19 October 2008

Having A Gay Old Time!

My Funky Hand DT mate Allison had been asked to make a 40th Birthday Card with a difference - it had to be 'funny and very gay'. So she asked me to make 2 little people characters, and this is what I came up with:

Apologies for the quality of my photos - it was dark when I took them as I was so keen to get them in the post to her!

And here they are on her card! The whips were not attached so you are not going mad - they have moved!

You can see her card on her blog here.


  1. Those are fab!! You should sell them on your website :)

  2. hehehe thanks Ruth for the little men

  3. These are so cool hehehe and I love what Allison made with them.

    I'm going to show it to my mum as her best mate is a gay man :o) he would howl with laughter if he saw this!

  4. how fab are these? you are soooo clever. I'm off to investigate the finished card now!


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