Monday, 21 June 2010

We All Went To The Zoo Zoo Zoo!!

It was the Pre-School leavers trip on Friday from Nursery and we all went to Blackpool Zoo!! Despite living fairly close to it, we've never actually visited it so it was a new trip for me and Jacob!

There were 16 kids plus staff, me and 3 other parents who visited the zoo and we had a great day!

Quite a few animals including giant tortoises:

And, yes! There were dinosaurs!! All with roars and a gushing volcano! I managed to impress the staff and some of the kids with my vast knowledge of which dinosaur was what. Until they realised I was reading the information stands......

We saw giraffes too:
And watched the sealion show. What's the difference between seals and sealions? Seals slither along the ground and have internal ears, whereas sealions have tiny little flaps covering their ears and then have useful flippers!

And then we all went on the adventure playground. Including two BIG KIDS!!!!

Thank you to the girls for another memorable trip and this should be the last one I go on as Jacob leaves this year, however I have a feeling I'll be asked back!!


  1. Oh how I miss those days... I loved taking the kids to visit places of interest. I think we must of had day trips to every castle, zoo and park in a 30 mile radius.

    I couldn't name a dinosaur now if I was paid but at one time the house resembled the set of Jurasic Park! lol

    PS the cards look fantastic!

    Alison :)

  2. awww looks like a great day hun, was thinking about you and the boys at the weekend as Alfie was wearing one of the t shirts the boys picked out for him :o)

    we went to Blackpool zoo last year when we were on holiday and had a fabulous day!

    hope you are all well hun :o)


    Amanda xxx


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