Sunday, 7 September 2008

A Surprise Package!

Look what I got through the post earlier in the week!! A lovely package from Jennyflower!!! I'd left a comment on her blog regarding the pink fluffy flowers she had made, offering some of my funky foam flowers. We agreed a swop and look what landed!!

How fab are the little bunnies and the funky playing cards?! However, I must confess, I forgot all about it. And then remembered. And then forgot again. But! I shall make amends and will get a bundle of things off to you Jennyflower early next week, once the rush of birthdays, leaving parties and school commencements are over......


  1. Glad you liked your parcel, no worries about any returns! I just hope you can make some use of it!

  2. Lucky you! Those playing cards are great - not a good as the ones I got though from Jenny! Hee hee :)


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