Friday, 5 September 2008

End Of An Era....

Yesterday was the party at nursery, to celebrate Jacob's birthday and also Samuel's and also the fact that Samuel was leaving nursery after 4 and a half years.... And it was a pirate party too!

The weather stayed fine for long enough for me to do a treasure hunt in the garden at nursery which had 15 kids running around like mad trying to find 8 pieces of gold (plastic gold coins!) that Jade and I had cunningly hidden!

We played two games of pass the parcel and it was evident that I'd not concentrated when wrapping layers onto the presents as I'd used too much sellotape for 3 and 4 years olds to tackle plus I'd put double sweets in between the layers in some instances!

We also played musical bumps, musical statues, sleeping lions and musical chairs. Prizes were given to the best dressed girl and best dressed boy.

And here are Jacob and Samuel with the cake.

Have a guess what they are thinking on the last photo - best comment will win a prize!

So that's it now for Samuel, no more nursery. School on Monday!

Jade, Kim and Nazia loved their little bags and albums; Hayley was shocked with her Minty Madness gift bag; and all the thank you cards were well received. And no, I did not cry! Nearly, but held it all together!!


  1. Fab photos Ruth :o)

    Jacob is obviously wondering when he can tuck in....whereas it is very clear to me that Samuel is pondering over how much trouble he would get in if he pushed Jacob's face into the cake...and is it worth it? hehehe


  2. Great pictures Ruth! The end of a little era in life is always emotional, and the crazy thing is i've got more emotional as i've got older, so you have all that to look forward to!! :)

    Carol x

  3. Jacob: "I wonder what the candles taste like?"
    They look like they can't wait to eat it. Looks like you had a wondeful party.
    Will be thinking of you on monday.

  4. fabulous photos - you should scrapbook they had a ball at their pirate party and I think they are saying "Hurry up Mum take the photo - we want to dive into this yummy cake"

  5. Jacob "I wish my tongue was longer"
    Samuel "Do you reckon I could get out the nursery door with the cake before they catch up?"


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