Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Bunny & The Lamb

Each Easter and Christmas the Crafts Forum runs (well Karen does!) a Secret Easter Bunny / Santa Swop which is hugely entertaining and exciting!! And look what the Secret Easter Bunny from The Crafts Forum brought me! And look what it contained! Six notecards / everyday cards that I can use as I NEVER have anything like this that I've made - so no excuse now eh?! The prints are fantastic and I've not got a clue who my Secret Easter Bunny is either! Thank you Secret Easter Bunny!!

I'll share photos of what I sent later in the week!

And I also received this cutie from the very lovely Nikky!! Mrs Polkadoodle herself! I've had to put it out of little boys reach as I fear the little lamb would be missing a chunk or two!

Thorntons white chocolate eh??!! Yum yum!!

Thank you to Nikky and to my Secret Easter Bunny!


  1. Oh what lovely Easter gifts x

  2. oooh yummy chocolate
    Hope you had a good Easter and bet all the choccy is done now!


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