Saturday, 3 April 2010

East Lancs Railway

We had a day out on Good Friday and went on the East Lancashire Railway. We started off at Ramsbottom and bought a family return to Bury and also entry to the very newly refurbished Transport Museum opposite the station at Bury, which had only reopened the week before after being closed since 2003!

I didn't quite manage to get a photo of one of the steam engines that we travelled on as there were too many people in the way, but here are a few photos of the boys 'driving' the bus in the Museum. They choose hats to wear also!

And Samuel wearing a flat cap and showing off his gappy teeth! The tooth fairy has been working overtime in our house!

Great day out especially if you like steam trains!


  1. Hi

    Oh this brings back memories of when my oldest 2 were younger - they used to love going on the Thomas the Tank engine steam trains at Bury! I actually enjoyed it too hehe...

    Didn't know they had reopened the museaum, must make a trip there as it is only 7 miles from where we live!

    Your boys look like they are really enjoying themselves ;-)

    Sarah x

  2. Love the photos of your boys they look so happy :)
    Happy Easter xx


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