Friday, 1 January 2010

Samuel's Christmas Angel

I found a kids crafty challenge blog called Little Hands Do Crafts and their first ever challenge is:

Something Christmassy

And Samuel has made this wonderful angel! Made using a rolled up sheet of card with coloured squares of sticky paper and gold doily wings (remember when you were younger everything was made with doilies!)

He's added finger prints too! He's drawn a happy smiley face because she has managed to stand up long enough for the photo - her skirt is not quite level and she has a tendency to fall over. So she lives on the top of a church candle. For stability purposes!

He's quite excited by the challenge but I have a feeling that he's not quite understood my explanation of it.....

Can't wait to see what the next challenge will be!


  1. Aww Ruth please tell Samuel I think his angel is absolutely brilliant, wow. Hopefully it will reappear year after year after year - well done to him. xx

  2. awww this is fab Samuel thank you so much for joining in the kids challenge on little hands do crafts..morgan will be along shortly to have a look

    Hugs Lexi xxx

  3. this is cool lol thank you for joining our challenge

    Morgan x


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