Saturday, 16 May 2009

Funky Flower

Another card made with For The Lads colour collection on the new Funky Hand cd Funky Word Books.

Quite easily made - I used a compass for the circles, roughly ripped the shape, feathered the edges and then inked them. Then layered up the flowers and added the wire embellishments and the button to hide what was underneath!

The curled paper was easy to do - cut thin strips and then wind them around a pencil or something thinner. The 'beads' on the wire were made by shaping some offcuts and then wrapping them again arounda pencil with the end glued.

The stems have been stamped with an acrylic Studio G stamp which is really for ornate corners but I picked the stamps that looked more like stems and just layered them up.
So go and buy your copy of Funky Word Books - its been on sale 5 days!!
By the time you read this, and if Mr Blogger is playing, I shall be on my holidays! I have a few posts scheduled for whilst I am away, but I shall be back on Sunday 24 May with hopefully, some holiday photos to share!


  1. WOW!!!This is so unique and creative!!! Great idea, lovely work!!!!


  2. Oooohhh wow I'm loving this card, it reminds me of textile work :) xx

  3. WOW Ruth this is FAB! Love all the detail in your flowers and will have to definitely try your technique out for the paper beads & wire.

    Hope your enjoying your holiday,


  4. This is so funny Ruth, I have been playing with the hearts and flowers download tonight, and guess what, flowers with about telepathy! If you get to an internet caff to read this hope you are having a lovely time.
    En x

  5. love those funky flowers....have a great holiday...Big Hugs Kath xxxxx

  6. Stunning card! Have a great holiday!

  7. can't believe u aint had a comment about these lush lovelies, they are AWESOME and you are mega talented girl!!!!!! another lift for me I think heheheheh xx

  8. Wow. These flowers are amazing. I will try to make flowers, like these.


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