Friday, 9 May 2008

Did You....

...see my cards??!!!

I had 3 shown in the first batch for Now Thats Funky, then my Dad's Washing Line for Funky Seasons (Andy the presenter liked that one and it got a giggle in the office!) and almost got to see my star one for V Funky - it was the next one to be shown but time ran out.

I managed to watch online and it only froze twice so was quite chuffed! Hope to catch the repeat on telly and to nauseate Simon with my enthusiasm!!

Well done to all the Design Team - I was really proud of you all and your creations - they looked fab on telly!!

Dad's Washing Line


  1. Ooooh fab - what's the link??


  3. oh wow! How cool, your cards are famous!

    Thanks for the link, off to watch it now : )

  4. I was at the doctors (for hours) with a poorly boy so set it to tape and my stupid husband deleted it all, is that grounds for divorce?!
    You've been tagged!

  5. Would not like to comment daisie!!

    Seen the tag - left you a comment - and will report back tommorow!!!


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