Wednesday, 17 April 2013

First Place!

Following on from last weeks success at Daytona Manchester and Jacob setting a new lap record the first time he's been in a kart for nearly 4 months, we decided to enter him into the Formula Bambino round 4.  Prior to being goalie extraordinaire for a local under 7's team, Jacob competed in each Formula Bambino rounds but his highest finishing position had been fourth, so not quite making it onto the podium.

There are two heats, each 15 minutes long, and the spectators don't get to see the times so you have to try and guage where your child is in relation to others when they are driving around the track to see if they are gaining or falling back.

Jacob had a really good first heat and lapped the other 3 drivers!  His second heat wasn't as good but he still kept pace.  The times from both heats are added together and then divided by two to get the average.

The hardest bit is waiting for the positions and names to be read out (in reverse order!) and when Tom read out the third place driver, I knew Jacob was on the podium!  So imagine my surprise when he came first!

Here he is on the podium with the other two drivers (apologies for the poor photo - I was shaking!)

And here he is with his trophy

And not only did he win the round and get his first ever karting trophy, he also broke the lap record (the one he set the week before!) again, knocking just over 1.3 seconds off!!

Samuel had a difficult weekend as it was his Championship too.  We ended up coming home early as his brake disc had shattered as the axel had moved.  So he was not a happy camper.  Wheras Jacob was boinging around!


  1. wohoooooo! go Jacob!! well done poppet xxx

  2. Great news Ruth and many congratulations to your little champion. He deserves a win like that after so many lesser placings.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  3. Yay! I know you are proud (I am proud for you). Hugz!

  4. So exciting!! Fabulous news. I think you definitely have a future race car driver in the family.

  5. Fabulous!! well done Jacob, you are going to be needing a bigger cabinet at this rate Ruth.
    Kevin xx

  6. Awww bless your bambino boys!!!!. Congratulations Jacob, well done. I'd say you are a very proud Mummy right now. Such a shame for poor Samuel though. Well done darlin. Hugs Clare xxxx

  7. Awww, congrats to Jacob! How fabulous for him! :^)
    Hugs, Penny


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