Monday, 13 September 2010

First Day At School!

Jacob's first day at school! Here he is looking all smart in his uniform and I know the jumper looks a little big but from past experience the child grows quicker than it wears out! You'll have to excuse the slightly out of focus photos - not due to emotion, but for the fact that the light was still poor at 8:30am and using the flash was too harsh!

And Samuel had to get in on the photo too! Notice he is doing his best to stand taller than Jacob! With just 2 years age difference, there is only around 4 or 5 inches height difference and they have the same shoe size!

Well, Jacob is happy to go back to school again tomorrow and he's already visited the Headmasters office. On a tour of school, not because he is a pest!


  1. oh how sweet ruth...2 beautiful must be so proud...hugs kath xxx

  2. oh bless them!! they look so lovely and smart in their uniforms and jacob looks so grown up. hugs Lou xxx

  3. Ruth, they're both as cute as can be. Glad the youngest liked school and is ready to go back. Definitely buy big, if you want a half a chance of them making it to half term in them.

  4. Awwww Ruth, they are such lovely boys - I bet you are so proud of them!!
    Claire xx

  5. Ruth, they are a couple of smashers! How smart they both look.
    Anice xx

  6. Aww coot. Twiglet looks so little in his new uniform, I'm sure he'll grow into it :)
    Twiggy x


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