Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Craft Juice Tuesday - week 4

It's Craft Juice Tuesday again! And this week I've gone for a bit of what I fancy! I must show a chicken as Lynsey had some very good news last week! So well done chick! Hehehehe - gedit?! Click on each photo to be taken directly to the Craft Juice listing.

Now every home needs a chicken and who could resist one as cute as this?! Made from recycled and re-purposed materials - get it from Swirly Arts!! Think this one has gone to a new home - but there are more in her shop!

Now I do like buttons and these are fabulous! All hand made from porcelain clay by Hodgepodgearts
A beautiful mixed media artwork from Gracie's Garden Bazaar - this is the first in a series of 14 originals
See you next week for some more Craft Juice Tuesday! And in case you are wondering, CJ is free to join and free to submit your handmade items where the whole wide world can vote on them! 5 or more votes and you make it to the front page!


  1. Thanks for including my artwork..loving the chicken and buttons!

  2. Love those buttons! Thanks for visiting my selection earlier x

  3. Hah thanks :) Even more exciting news this week but you know that already ;D


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