Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Donna & Danny - 8 August 2009

Saturday was the second Wedding of the year! I made the Day Invitations, the Evening Invitations and also the place cards for Donna and Danny. And doesn't she look lovely! Much changed from the usual Busy Bees nursery uniform of dark blue!

I took the boys to watch and we just about got there in time - normally it would take us just 25 mins and it took an hour due to the football traffic....

We were invited to the Evening Reception and the boys had a great time running around and dancing on the dance floor.

There was quite a bit of audience participation - the DJ played most of the instruments, sang and got a little kids band going - Samuel who surprised us by saying he wanted to join in - so here he is!
I did video him too but its too long for my little blog to cope!

A great Wedding and evening - thank you Danny and Donna for inviting us!
The last Wedding is over the August Bank Holiday weekend up in Scotland - one of my cousins is getting married!

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