Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Very CAS!

I've been leaving all the Christmas cards that we'd received in a pile and earlier tonight I decided to open them with Jacob.

He'd added a card to the pile and here it is:

A rather clean and simple design don't you think?!  He said, very seriously that the card is green and that's Christmas enough!

And inside he's written this message all by himself

Not bad for a seven year old!  He's already written Santa's Christmas card (he found it really funny that it has a picture of Santa on the front too!) as we're going to see him on Sunday at the Football team's Christmas party!


  1. hahaha! I love it! Get him working on some pieces of 'art' for the Tate Modern - sounds like he's got the talking up of his artwork mastered! ;)

  2. This made me smile,he a clever lad his writing is very good
    Kevin xx


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